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Communicating legitimacy in the international environment


Nearly all actors today, both state and non-state, utilize legal argument in order to legitimize policy decisions and international interventions / operations in their strategic communication. The question is, however, “How is legitimacy constructed, argued and communicated in the International Media Discourse in times of Conflict?” In order to examine that, this article will discuss legality vs. legitimacy, construction of narratives, the use of ‘Lawfare’ and strategic communication in order to formulate a framework on which strategic legitimization can be analyzed. Potential case studies could be; 1) Chinese Three Block Warfare (Legal, Media and Psychological), 2) Russian Federation’s use of Int. Law in its foreign propaganda the current struggle and 3) NATO’s legitimatization of its International Operations (ex. Operation Allied Force, S&M 1999 vs. Operation Unified Protector, Libya 2011). All in order to generalize / theorize over how legitimacy is constructed in the international environment.
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