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Agility Into Victory: How Command and Control Agility decisively impacted the course of the Far East Asia Campaign in the Second World War

Publikation: ForskningFAK publikationsserier

This paper will investigate how the three core concepts of command and control agility can increase the chance for a successful outcome in military operations and what elements that should be strengthen within a military organization in order to achieve an agile approach to command and control.
This paper argues the concept was framed and tested during WWII in Burma and the Far East Asia campaign and that an agile approach to command and control is highly relevant for modern military organizations wishing to improve their warfighting capabilities.
Udgivelses stedKøbenhavn
ForlagForsvarsakademiets Forlag
Antal sider37
ISBN (elektronisk)978-87-7147-144-1
StatusUdgivet - 25 apr. 2016
SerieFAK Research Paper


  • Militær organisation
  • Ukonventionel krigsførelse
  • Forandringsprocesser
  • Militære operationer


  • 2. Verdenskrig, Command and Control, Ledelse, Organisation, britiske hær, Agility


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