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Counterterrorism, Rules of Engagement and International Order in a UN Context

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This publication is a product of the joint conference on counterterrorism, rules of engagement and international order in a UN context, held by the Academy of Military Science (AMS), the Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC) and the Danish Foreign Policy Society. The conference was the third joint AMS-RDDC conference and took place on 12 December 2017 at Svanemøllens Barracks. The publication is edited by Liselotte Odgaard, Associate Professor at the Institute for Military History and War Studies at RDDC, and Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, Director at the Danish Foreign Policy Society.

The publication offers unique insights into Chinese and Danish views on counterterrorist operations, rules of engagement and international order, exploring the extent to which the UN will provide platforms for common action in these areas in the future.
Udgivelses stedCopenhagen
UdgiverThe Danish Foreign Policy Society
Antal sider88
ISBN (elektronisk)978-87-7879-650-9
StatusUdgivet - 5 mar. 2018
Begivenhed - Copenhagen, Danmark


Konference3rd AMS-RDDC conference
LokationRoyal Danish Defence College
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