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Deception: Counterdeception and Counterintelligence

Publikation: Undervisning - peer reviewBog

Bridging the divide between theory and practice, William L. Mitchell and Robert M. Clark's Deception: Counterdeception and Counterintelligence provides a thorough overview of the principles of deception and its uses in intelligence operations. This masterful guide focuses on practical training in deception for both both operational planners and intelligence analysts using a case-based approach. By reading and working through the exercises in this text, operations planners will learn how to build and conduct a deception campaign; and intelligence analysts will develop the ability to recognize deception and support deception campaigns. While deception today relies on traditional basic principles, the authors recognize that it requires a fresh approach due to the roles played by information technologies such as social media. Their unique treatment of the perspectives of both the operations planner and the intelligence analyst is especially valuable in laying out the instruments for identifying, planning, practicing, and countering deception. Further, it includes exercises that build readers' skills in 1) planning a deception operation and evaluating the result; and 2) identifying hostile deception operations when conducting intelligence analysis. Finally, it goes beyond existing books by dealing with multichannel deception across the political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, and information domains, with special emphasis on use of the rich modern environment for conveying information.
Udgivelses stedWashington D.C.
Antal sider304
ISBN (trykt)9781506375267
ISBN (elektronisk)150637526X
StatusUdgivet - 2018
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