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Peter Viggo Jakobsen


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    Research areas

  • Civil-military co-operation (CIMIC)
  • Danish defence- and security policy
  • EU defence- and security policy
  • European defence and security policy
  • UN Security Council
  • Use of force
  • NATO
  • Counter insurgency operations (COIN)
  • Comprehensive/integrated approach
  • Sanctions
  • Stabilization operations
  • Special operations
  • Superpower diplomacy
  • Military Strategy
  • Coercive diplomacy
  • USA

Research areas

Danish and Nordic defence and security policy, Peace and stability operations, civil-miilitary cooperation and the comprehensive approach, role of NATO and the UN in in the management of international peace and security, Use of coercion and military force, and strategy

Research and teaching information

  •  Danish and Nordic defence and security
  • NATO
  • The role of the UN in international peace and security
  • Stabilization operations
  • civil-military cooperation and comprehensive approach
  • Conflict management
  • Use of force, and   
  • Coercive diplomacy
  • Strategy

Research and teaching information

Peter Viggo Jakobsen, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the Department of Strategy at the Royal Danish Defence College and Professor (part time) at Center for War Studies, University of Southern Denmark

Primary research and teaching areas Danish and Nordic defence and security, the role of NATO and the UN in international peace and security, stabilization operations, conflict management, civil-military cooperation and the comprehensive approach, strategy, use of force and coercive diplomacy

Media, public lectures and consultancy: frequently used by the Danish and international media as a commentator on defence and security issues; gives many lectures on these issues; and has acted as an advisor and consultant for several governments and international organizations.

Peer-review: member of the editorial boards of the journals: European Security (Taylor and Francis, London), International Peacekeeping (Routledge, London), Politica (Aarhus), Military and Strategic Affairs (Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv) and reviewer for for several Danish and international journals and book publishers. 

Management and administration: Head of the Department of Conflict and Security Studies and director of The Defence and Security Studies Research Programme at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) 2003-2006.

International experience: Visiting professor at International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technoloy (MIT), USA (autumn 2006) and Department of War Studies, King’s College of London (spring 1996).

Education: MA and Ph.D. in International Relations from Department of Political Science, Aarhus University; Assistant and Associate Professor in International Relations (1996-2013) in Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

Recent publications

The United Nations and the Nordic Four: Cautious Sceptics, Committed Believers, Cost-benefit Calculators, in Peter Nedergaard and Anders Wivel (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics (London: Routledge): 281-293 (2017).

To Trump or Not to Trump, Martin van Creveld As I Please, March 23, 2017, http://www.martin-van-creveld.com/

Trump er godt nyt for USA’s alliancer og verdensfreden [Trump is good news for US alliances and world peace], Ræson.dk, 22 marts 2017, http://raeson.dk/2017/peter-viggo-jakobsen-trump-er-godt-nyt-for-usas-alliancer-og-verdensfreden/

It’s the Strategic Narrative Stupid! How the United States May Overcome the Challenge of Continued Engagement in Afghanistan Beyond 2017, in Sten Rynning (ed.) South Asia and the Great Powers: International Relations and Regional Security Security (London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers), 263-278 (2017).

Doomsday Cancelled: Trump is Good News for Allies and World Peace, War on the Rocks, March 2 2017, https://warontherocks.com/2017/03/doomsday-cancelled-trump-is-good-news-for-allies-and-world-peace/

Why the United States will stay engaged in Afghanistan and Pakistan beyond 2017, in David Vestenskov (ed.) Regional Stability & Peacebuilding: Initiating Reconciliation Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Beyond (Copenhagen: Royal Danish Defence College), 46-57 (2016).

Obama satte ikke USA’s position i Mellemøsten over styr, Kongressen.com, 21 oktober 2016, http://www.kongressen.com/obama-satte-ikke-usas-position-i-mellemoesten-over-styr/

Denmark and UN peacekeeping: glorious past, dim future, International Peacekeeping, Vol. 23, No. 5 (2016): 741-761, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13533312.2016.1227933

Coercive diplomacy, in Costas M. Constantinou, Pauline Kerr and Paul Sharp (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy (London: SAGE Publications Ltd.): 476-486 (2016).

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  2. NATO: Relevant and ready for the challenges of the 21st century?

    Activity: Talk or presentationLecture and oral contribution

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  1. Columbus prisen 2015

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  2. Meningsmodig Dansker-prisen 2015

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  3. Columbus prisen 2015

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