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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Caught Between the East & West

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Jakob Brink Rasmussen - Paneldeltager

Panel: - The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Denmark H.E Mr. Haris Basic - Jakob Brink Rasmussen, Researcher at the Danish Defense College - Manuele Citi, Associate professor at CBS -Department of Business & Politics Moderator: - Sarah Vormsby, analyst at Tænketanken EUROPA Are you interested in European politics, history, geopolitics and diplomacy? Would you like the opportunity to meet and network with diplomats? Young Diplomats is proud and excited to announce our upcoming event: a panel discussion about the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its current internal and external political situation and its potential accession to the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on EUs eastern border, is currently a potential EU member state. Beside having a unique governing system established after the 1995 Dayton Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina also has a complex demography which makes it academically, politically and diplomatically interesting. The goal of the panel discussion is to introduce the political situation within and around Bosnia and Herzegovina and discuss the opportunities and obstacles to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership to the EU with keeping the thrilling geopolitical situation in the Balkan region in mind.

Paneldeltager i arrangement om Bosniens politiske udvikling siden fredsaftalen i 1995.
1 nov. 2016

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