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China as (near-) Arctic great power – drivers and perspectives

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Camilla Tenna Nørup Sørensen - Foredragsholder

China’s great power ambitions playing out in the Arctic. China in January 2018 released its first Arctic Policy White Paper reflecting how the region is assigned growing strategic importance in Beijing. Chinese Arctic-diplomacy is increasingly confident, proactive and sophisticated in line with how China overall appears as a more assertive and ambitious great power. An increasing number of Chinese investments and infrastructure projects take place in the Arctic, propelled primarily by growing Chinese interests in Arctic resources and Arctic sea routes, which are now officially included in President Xi Jinping’s prestige project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The intensified Chinese efforts to ensure its access, interests and great power influence in the Arctic give rise to new tensions and challengers, but also new opportunities in the region. The talk sets out to contextualize and examine the drivers behind Chinas growing priority of - and presence in - the Arctic and the implications hereof as they play out in the region with a focus on China-U.S.-Russia relations and on Greenland and the Kingdom of Denmark.
24 jan. 2019

Ekstern organisation

NavnThink China and Center for Military Studies at Copenhagenn University
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