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Strandvejen 71b, 1th.

2100 Copenhagen East, Denmark.



Royal Danish Defence College, Institute of Strategy

Ryvangens Allé 1

2100 Copenhagen East, Denmark



Cell: +45 28146856



Phone: +45 39151214

Cell : +45 22748390

Fax: +45 32698700





Place of birth: Frederiksberg 18 April 1972.

Wife: Teacher Sofie Mandrup (43)

Son: Elliot August Mandrup (9)

Son: Louis Bastian Mandrup (5)


1992 - 1993                        Institute for Geography, University of Copenhagen

                                                                                       Cultural Geography


1993 – 2001                       Institute for History and Public Administration, University of Roskilde

                                                                                       The title of graduate thesis was “Speak softly but carry a big stick” (South African                                                                   foreign policy in the 1990’s)
                                                                                       Cand. Scient. Soc. (MsC in History and Public Administration)


1998 – 2000                       Centre for African Studies, University of Copenhagen (KU)
                                                                                       MA in Africa Studies


2001 - 2007                       PhD. Institute for Political Science /Danish Institute for International Studies
                                                                                       Dissertation is titled: Africa: Salvation or Despair;: A study of the post-apartheid                                                                              South African government’s use of the military tool in its foreign policy conduct                                                                        from 1994 to 2006


  • Danish speaker and can read and understand Norwegian and Swedish
  • English: full proficiency – have for instance lectured university courses in English and has written PhD dissertation in English
  • French: minimum knowledge. A bit rusty, but will be functional with a bit of a brush-up, read French
  • German: Can read German.


1991 – 2001                                   Ministry of Defence

                                                                                       Communication assistant


2000-2000                                      Danish United Nations Association

                                                                                       Intern for three months. Responsible for organising an international                                                                                             conference on the future of Peace Support Operations after Brahimi.


2002-2002                          Danish Defence Staff

                                                                                       Analyst responsible for Africa.

2001- 2007                                     Ph.D. candidate at the former Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI)                                                                       now the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). Have been                                                                                                                involved in the DANIDA financed SADSEM program working together with                                                                  CSDM. Have amongst other things been responsible for organising, in                                                                                                           cooperation with the South African                              Embassy in Copenhagen, CSDM and the                                                                       South African National Defence Colleges ENSP programme, of an                                                                                                international conference on South Africa ten years after the transition from                                                                    Apartheid.


2004-                                                                            Member of the SADSEM network


2004 - 2006                        External lecturer at the Danish Defence Academy


2004 -  2006                       External lecturer at the Centre for Africa Studies


2005- 2007                                     Danish Defence Staff

                                                                                       Analyst responsible for Africa.

2007-                                                                            Research Fellow, Royal Danish Defence College, Institute of Strategy



1990                                   Chateaux Prieure Lichine, Cantenac, France

                                                                                       Worked for three months as a “stagaire” at a winery in Bordeaux, France


1996                                   Travel in Southern Africa
                                                                                       Six months of backpacking in Southern Africa


2000                                   Fieldwork and internship in South Africa and Zimbabwe
                                                                                       Intern at ACCORD in Durban for two month (worked with Cedric de                                                                                          Coning), two months stay at Rands Afrikaans University and data collection                                                                        for MA thesis. Visited amongst other things                    the Regional Peacekeeping                                                                    Training Centre in Harare for two weeks, and visited ISS frequently during                                                                      my stay at RAU.


2003                                   Fieldwork in South Africa: Guest Researcher at University of Pretoria and                                                                                        visited and lectured at the South African Military Academy in Saldanha


2004                                                                              Fieldwork in South Africa and DR. Congo: Visited amongst other things                                                                              MONUC HQ in Kinshasa and the South African troops in Kindu.

2006                                                                              Fieldtrip to Sudan, Khartoum


2001: Article in COPRI news.
2003: Paper presented in South Africa on the future role of the SANDF in South African foreign Policy

2003: Paper presented on post apartheid South African Foreign Policy
2003: Article for “Den Ny Verden” on South Africa in Africa
2004: DIIS Working paper on South Africa’s Peace Support Capacity
2004: Peer Reviewed Article in South African Journal of Military Studies: Sovereignty of states in the post cold war era: Implications for sub-Saharan Africa

2006: ‘You do need a Stick to be able to use it gently’ book chapter in Buur & Stepputat, The Security – Development Nexus, Nordic Africa Institute.

2007: PhD. Dissertation ‘Dissertation is titled: Africa: Salvation or Despair;: A study of the post-apartheid South African government’s use of the military tool in its foreign policy conduct from 1994 to 2006

2008: Forthcoming: Security cooperation in SADC, Danish Military Journal

2008: SANDF: Midwifes of Peace in Africa?, Paper presented at the SA Army seminar 21, 26-28 February 2008

2008/09: The Capacity problems in the SANDF, Chapter in book on RSA army 2020, Le Roux eds.

2009: Paper presented at Strategic Conference in Stellenbosch: Private Sources to Security – the case of the DRC

2009: The SANDFs role in Burundi, FES/CSDM book project, Gavin Cawthra editor.

2009: The African Unions security architecture, Chapter in International Organisations Thruelsen eds.

2009: Forthcoming (Dec.) Article SADC and the ASF in Peer Reviewed journal Scientia Militaria

2010: Forthcoming: Editor and contributor to book on Private sources of security, Palgrave

2010: Forthcoming: Co-editor and contributor to book on strategic challenges to Africa, Sun Media/Stellenbosch University  

2010: Forthcoming: Book monograph “The Role of the South African Armed Force in contemporary South Africa”

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