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Averting great power rivalry in the Arctic

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China, Russia and the USA view each other with growing suspicion, relying increasing on zero-sum thinking and worst-case analysis when interpreting each other’s rhetoric and actions. The increasing tension is now spilling over into the Arctic, which until now has been an area of exceptional low-tension and great power cooperation. The growing US concern over Russia’s military build-up in the region and China’s increased scientific, economic and political presence suggest that the time has come to put rule enforcement and military security on the agenda in the Arctic. The Arctic Council, the principal institution used to facilitate cooperation in the Arctic, is ill-equipped to address the new situation because it can neither address military security issues or implement or enforce its guidelines, assessments or recommendations. This paper therefore proposes that the five Arctic states launch a new initiative based on the 2008 Ilulissat declaration that will enable them to establish, monitor, and enforce compliance with rules guiding scientific exploration, economic investments and military activities in the Arctic. Compliance with these rules could then serve as a requirement for other actors wanting to operate in the high North.

Output: tidsskrift artikel på engelsk

BFI Niveau 2 internationalt tidsskrift med peer review

Formidling: forskningsresultaterne vil løbende blive formidlet i til medier og den brede offentlighed i forskellige former som medieinterviews, aviskronikker, policy briefs, artikler i Ræson og lignende udgivelser

Undervisning: resultaterne vil blive anvendt i strategifagene på Master i Militære Studier og diplomuddannelserne.
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