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Big Data on the Ground

Projekt: Typer af projekter

  • Jensen, Torben Elgaard, Aalborg Universitet, Danmark (Projektleder, faglig)
  • Nørgaard, Katrine (Projektdeltager)
The rise of big data systems means the rise of new organizational challenges related to the handling, interpretation and meaningful incorporation of data streams. This research project investigates the challenges and emerging solutions associated with a sophisticated big data generating system - the Global Hawk - an unmanned aerial vehicle in the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force. Through a multi-level and multi-sited field study, the project investigates how the Danish Defence incorporates the system and its data stream into the complex military organization. Specifically, the study investigates organizational innovations, gradual system redesign, and organizational learning processes. In parallel with the field study, the research project establishes a systematic dialogue with three groups of stakeholders and develops a catalogue of cases and scenarios that may guide key stakeholders and future designers of Big Data systems.
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