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How do military organizations develop doctrine?

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Military organizations are continuously confronted with the task of adapting doctrine to a dynamic and ever changing context. Considering 1; the important role of doctrine for military organizations 2; the changing character of doctrines and 3; its relatively long history, it would be logical to conclude, that all military organizations would have a clear concept of what doctrine is, what its purpose is and efficient processes for doctrine development.

But developing doctrine often resembles the Gordian knot in intricacy. To make matters worse, practitioners, who are about to embark in a doctrine developing process, are often provided little help from the military organizations they work for. Even though academic literature provides some guidance, research in the field of doctrine development is relatively scarce. By applying concepts for military doctrine and models for individual and corporate change this project asks the question:

How do military organizations develop doctrine documents?

This project aims to gain new insights and help both academia and military practitioners to understand how doctrine development processes are practiced.
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