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Når intervention er udelukket –maritime specialoperationer og stabilitet

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The aim of the project is to explore and explain the strategic effects maritime special forces (MSF) have on stability in fragile states in a littoral environment. The orthodoxy among researchers are to state that solutions to piracy or migration ‘lay on land’, which means building capable and legitimate local authorities.

However, this project examines cases where Western interventions were not politically feasible. Methodologically, this project is planned as a careful process tracing of how MSF as part of a larger engagement supported locally based stability initiatives and conveyed the political intentions of the Western powers and what effects the engagement produced. The theoretical assumption is that special forces due to their ability to operate in high-risk areas assume the role of diplomates that engage non-state military actors, when others cannot.


  • Afrika
  • Maritime operationer
  • Specialoperationer
  • Pirateri
  • Stabiliseringsoperationer
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