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Regional Stability and Mutual Trust Building in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Beyond

Projekt: Typer af projekter

  • Vestenskov, David (Projektleder, organisatorisk)
  • Høj Hansen, Christan, Danmark (Projektdeltager)
  • Hüseyin, Yücel , Danmark (Projektdeltager)
The projects below fall within the scope of the Danish stabilisation programme, which also funds the projects. The programme is part of the Danish Ministry of Defence’s Peace and Stabilisation Fund, and RDDC is responsible for implementation. Generally, the projects explore and develop initiatives on reconciliation and enhanced cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan at a diplomatic Track ll level. By facilitating a forum where regional actors can interact and jointly identify security obstacles and areas for common ground, the key objective is to promote cooperation and trust building at the lower levels in order to influence the political levels in both countries. The platform for output is research on security and related areas. A secondary objective is Danish public diplomacy and enhancing the international network and profile of RDDC in relation to the facilitating role that RDDC will have in developing and executing each project.
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