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The English School's contribution to the understanding of international relations

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  • University of California, The Center for British Studies, USA (Projektleder, organisatorisk)
  • Liselotte Odgaard (Projektdeltager)
Since the early 2000s the English School has emerged as one of the most recognised approaches to studying international relations. Yet it continues to be dogged by critique, which argues that its core concepts are imprecise, its notion of theory problematic, and its methods unclear. There have been significant differences between the early English School – historicism, hermeneutics and functionalism – and the later focus on social constructivism and critical theory. As a consequence, the English School still struggles to articulate a clear approach and set of methods for studying international relations. Again, since the early 2000s interpretive theories of political science have reemerged as alternatives to behaviouralism, rational choice and institutionalism. Through a series of workshops this project explores the relevance of interpretive theory to the study of social science and public policy in Britain. It will look specifically at the relevance of interpretive theory to the English School of international relations.
Periode01/06/2016 → …


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