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Arktis – institutionelt samarbejde

Studenteropgave: Master speciale

  • Jakob Lund Sand
Afgangsprojekt, Master i Militære Studier (Masteruddannelse)
This Project is based on a basic wondering of why the USA and Russia are cooperating to such a high degree in the Arctic when the opposite is often the case in other regions of the world. The Arctic states are faced with the fact that the ice is melting and therefore new sea lines are opening at the same time as natural resources become accessible. These potential future earnings and associated potential conflicts raise the question of whether the existing cooperation will continue or not. This wondering and the possibility of a conflict have led to the research question: How can the cooperation between the great powers in the Artic be explained on the basis of the design of the Arctic institutions? Based on neoliberal institutionalism this project draws the conclusion that legitimacy and complex interdependens are contributing factors that facilitate peaceful cooperation between the USA and Russia in the Arctic institutions UNCLOS and Arctic Council.
Udgivelsesdato25 jan. 2019
Antal sider58
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet


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