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Dansk militærstrategi for Arktis

Studenteropgave: Master speciale

  • Helge Thormod Bauer
Stabskursus, Stabskursus
Climate changes have increased and will continue to increase accessibility to the Arctic waters and territories. These changes will forever have an impact on the military operational environment, where reality and the ability to foresee future missions and tasks will be an increasing challenge to every strategy.
Access to minerals, oil and gas fields has the potential of leading to a 2,000 billion $ profit which gives the Danish arctic area a huge strategic influence and importance.
Strategic focus has until present days been on political, economic and military elements but no attention has been paid to the civil part and influence on strategy.
National identity within the Kingdom of Denmark and cultural inheritance are not parts of the Danish defence policy which is solely founded on geo-strategy and international law in accordance with strategic framework.
This paper examines the question: How does the Danish strategic culture plays an important part in the developing of a military strategy for the Arctic?
Some conclusions from the examine of the Danish strategic culture point out dysfunctional elements between cultural expectations and realized military behavior regarding the political end state of improved national identity within the Kingdom of Denmark.
The defence shall contribute to more and closer interaction between all citizens of the Kingdom if national identity has to improve. And like in all other kind of operations the armed forces need cultural awareness of the operational environment.
Udgivelsesdato3 maj 2013
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet


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