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Er en Dansk Fregat Klar til Krig : En undersøgelse, om en dansk fregats besætning er klar til at møde det uforudsete og ukendte

Studenteropgave: Diplomprojekt

  • Fríði Dam
Afgangsprojekt, Den militære diplomuddannelse (Diplomuddannelse)
The objective of this project is to examine the crew of a Danish navy operational vessel, to see if their training prepares them for the battles that lie ahead, when they get deployed on international operations. A series of semi structured interviews with the crewmembers of the technical division on a Danish frigate have been held, to see if the crew follows a High Reliability Organisation’s (HRO) five principles.

The interviews show that the Danish Operational Sea Training (DOST) regime strongly supports the HRO’s five principles, and gives the crew the training and structure that it needs. The crew itself also has the mentality towards training and system knowledge that the HRO’s seek. During the project another issue came to light that is the high frequency in change of personnel. This new issue showed, that the strengths that the DOST regime provides cannot be used to their full potential, when the number of crewmembers, that have completed the full training is too low, which results in loss of vital knowledge of the ships systems and procedures.

In conclusion the DOST regime and the crew that undergoes this training follows the HRO’s five principles, and is therefore well trained for International Operations, but this only includes the crewmembers that finished the training. The high change of personnel has a negative effect on the vessels ability to conduct battle, not because the training is insufficient, but because the crew does not have the experience needed, to effectively use the training that has been provided.
Udgivelsesdato18 feb. 2020
Antal sider31
Udgivende institutionInstitut for Militære Operationer
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