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Flytning, en organisationforandring i forklædning: Med fokus på tiden før selve den fysiske flytning

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt

  • Therese M. F. K. Pulawska
Afgangsprojekt, Master i Militære Studier (Masteruddannelse)
The purpose of this paper was to research the area of relocation, focusing on the planning process by senior management in two organizations in the Danis Defense.
The research method was semi-structured interviews of 2 recently relocated organizations. The findings were analyzed through three theoretical perspectives; Weick’s enactment principle for organizational changes, B. Czarniawska’s sensemaking narratives, and the findings were structured using Klausen’s 8 arenas.
The results showed that leaders in the Danish Defense used leadership effects such as sensemaking and enactment to make sense in the most important strategic areas for obtaining best solutions. They used much time on information interchange to get accepted solutions to solve relocation-induced problems. This pre-relocation dialogue is critical, because it also affects the phase after relocation. Relocation is a unique and complex form of change, and requires special attention from leaders/managers in the organization. Management can exploit these findings to give his or her organization suggestions for a better relocation experience.
Udgivelsesdato20 jan. 2017
Antal sider60
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet
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