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Karrieren som Søofficer: Drivkrafter og vendepunkter

Studenteropgave: Diplomprojekt

  • Christoffer Hansen
Afgangsprojekt, Den militære diplomuddannelse (Diplomuddannelse)
The present research paper will investigate recruitment and retention causes in the Royal
Danish Navy. The human is one of the company's most important assets, which to a large
extent it also is for the Navy, as over half of the Armed Forces' expenses go to salary. In
2014, the naval officer training in the Royal Danish Navy was restructured, why you today
need a bachelor or professional bachelor to be admitted to the Armed Forces Basic Officer
Degree. Due to the changed educational structure, the Armed Forces will have to recruit
candidates who are not dependent on the Navy education wise and are thus more flexible
in changing their job. Therefore, it may be more difficult to attract and retain these
employees. The problem statement of the study is defined as follows:
- What expectations did the newly appointed naval officers have for the new Basic Officer
Degree and for the subsequent operational service at the sea? How is this education and
service experienced? What is the primary circumstance that prompted the newly appointed
naval officers to find a new job and how does the current newly appointed naval officer view
this circumstance?
The study method used is based on the qualitative study method. The empiricism is obtained
through the semi-structured interview. The empirical data consists of a total of six
The study's theoretical foundation is based on a categorization of hygiene and motivation
factors based on Herzberg's two-factor theory (Herzberg et al., 1993). To nuance Herzberg's
understanding of work motivation, the study will incorporate Deci and Ryan's theory of selfdetermination
(Deci and Ryan, 2014), which will provide an understanding of the human’s
general psychological needs. As the study deals with an employee and company
relationship, these relationships will be described through the psychological contract
(Rousseau 2004). Furthermore, survey results from previous relevant studies are included
as this will emphasize or nuance the respondents' statements.
The result of the study shows that there are two fields in which the motivation and retention
of officers can be especially improved: First, the maintenance of personal growth through
education and service beyond the educational phase. Second, the interpersonal relationship
to families while serving the Royal Danish Navy is seen as challenging in terms of
expectations and officer’s motivation.
Udgivelsesdato18 feb. 2020
Antal sider44
Udgivende institutionInstitut for Ledelse og Organisation
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