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Kina og Ruslands kamp for prestige: En analyse af Kina og Ruslands ønske om at ændre magtbalancen i regionerne gennem anvendelse af imperialisme og prestigeforøgelse

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt

  • Jacob Bilde Lauridsen
Afgangsprojekt, Master i Militære Studier (Masteruddannelse)
This paper analyses whether Russia and China are revisionist states that use imperialistic expansion or prestige to change their regional balance in their favour. It does so by focusing on two cases; Russian annexation of Crimea and Chinese actions in the East China Sea. The two cases are analysed with regards to three aspects of power; Natural resources such as oil and natural gas, military power and prestige. These three variables all have a different impact on the two cases, but this paper will show that the common variable in both cases is the drive for changing the regional balance by maximizing the power as perceived by China’s and Russia’s counterpart in the conflicts.
The perception of power by their respective rivals are in Russia’s case increased dramatically as a function of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, where the increase in Chinese prestige is rising as a result of Chinese actions in the East China Sea. The paper ends by concluding, that though power aspects such as resources and military power cannot be neglected, the matter of prestige is a vital part of the Chinese and Russian tools in order to shift their regional power and should not be underestimated.
Antal sider62
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet


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