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Krigsforbrydelsers årsager og dynamik: Et studie af hvilke sociologiske forhold og operationsvilkår, der virker befordrende på moderne amerikanske militære landstyrkers mulige begåen af krigsforbrydelser.

Studenteropgave: Master speciale

  • Lars Kamper Lauge Kristensen
Stabskursus, Stabskursus
This master thesis seeks to identify witch factors contributes to modern American soldiers committing war crimes. It is based on a diachronic comparative analysis of the My Lai Massacre (Vietnam 1968) and the Haditha Incident (Iraq 2005).
Initially the paper outlines and discusses the operational environment settings and the American approach toward the Laws of Armed Conflict. Both on the account of general terms and specifically related towards the two scenarios.
Through a critical analysis of Dave Grossmans theory portrait in On Killing using other theorists, the author obtains a list of fostering conditions related to soldiers committing war crimes. These conditions are then used in a comparative analysis of the My Lai Massacre and the Haditha Incident to uncover general features and thus making a list of not exhaus-tive factors.
The master thesis concludes that there are several independent factors influencing the soldier’s behavior in times of war and conflict. The most dominant factors are to be found within the parameters: Authorities influence, group affiliation, the mental and physical dis-tancing, the soldier’s predisposition towards killing and the victim´s role.
Udgivelsesdato2 maj 2014
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet


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