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Master i Militære Studier, fremtidens majorer/orlogskaptajner ved e-læring

Studenteropgave: Master speciale

  • Hans Peter Andersen
Stabskursus, Stabskursus
This thesis examines the future prospects for a successfully introduction of the Master in
Military Studies (MMS) blended learning education at the Danish Armed Forces Staff
College. The thesis will include objective deductive recommendations for improving the
probability of a successful implementation. The theoretical framework for the thesis is the
“Community of Inquiry” theory. The theory establishes the need for a collaborative
constructivist learning community, for e-learning to be deep and meaningful. This is
achieved by establishing and balancing social, cognitive and teaching presence.
Through analysis of selected empirical data, the differences between the existing staff
college and the revised MMS are identified, after which the MMS discourse is analyzed.
The “Community of Inquiry” theory is then applied to the findings and the empirical data,
and finally the three separate analysis’ are combined to form a synthesis.
This thesis concludes that the MMS can be successfully introduced at the Danish Armed
Forces Staff College, and that blended learning is a feasible learning method for this. To
improve the probability of a successful implementation and to reap the benefits of the elearning
introduction, a list of recommendations is produced. The list summarized is proper
Udgivelsesdato2 maj 2014
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet
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