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Motivation og ledelsesudøvelse for officerer

Studenteropgave: Master speciale

  • René Sølvberg
Stabskursus, Stabskursus
This master thesis describes motivation and leadership practise among captains and
lieutenant-commanders from Joint Senior Staff Course at the Royal Danish Defense
College. The purpose of this master thesis is to find out whether officers are prima donnas
or not. Five individual interviews have been conducted in order to generate knowledge for
this master thesis.
A new motivation and leadership theory developed in 2013, by Helle Hedegaard Hein,
about prima donnas (Hein, 2013, s. 63-177) has been used in order to ascertain whether
officers are prima donnas or not. The theory deals with highly specialized creative
Initially this master thesis compares similarities between officers and highly specialized
creative employees. The comparison concludes that there are several similarities between
the two.
To ascertain whether officers are prima donnas or not, the research is divided into two
parts. First it establishes what motivates officers and secondly which leadership style the
officers prefer. The research establishes that officers are not prima donnas, but there are
several similarities in some of the officers’ statements concerning motivation and
leadership practise.
Udgivelsesdato2 maj 2014
Udgivende institutionForsvarsakademiet


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