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Piraternes storhedstid og fald i Somalia: Et political settlement perspektiv på pirateriets udvikling i Somalia

Studenteropgave: Diplomprojekt

  • Jeppe Schloss-pedersen
Afgangsprojekt, Den militære diplomuddannelse (Diplomuddannelse)
Counter-piracy off the Horn of Africa is generally considered one of the modern navies greater successes. The waters off the Horn of Africa has gone from being the most pirate-infested waters in the world to having the lowest prevalence of piracy among the global piracy hotspots. But what is the cause of this development? The
collapse of Somali piracy in 2012 has generally been attributed to the international maritime operations conducted since 2008, as well as the use of armed guards and best practice methods onboard merchant vessels. However since the height of piracy around 2010, the international society has partially withdrawn the bulk of their maritime capabilities, and merchant vessels use of armed guards has also declined. Both without a lasting resurgence of piracy. In order to explain this development, this paper applies Mushtaq Khan’s political settlement theory to the case of modern Somali piracy. Political settlement theory links the development of formal and informal institutions to changes in the balance of power between groups within the society. This theory is applied using a single-case research design combining quantitative and qualitative data, that analyzes changes in political and economic power among selected groups as well as institutional strategies related to piracy and anti-piracy. The paper finds that especially clans have played a vital role in both the rise and continued decline of Somali piracy. However, the development of formal institutions supported by external actors may also be long-sighted solution to the problem of Somali piracy. The latter may be problematic though as questions regarding sovereignty and jurisdictions, between the three major governments in Somalia, remain unresolved. Further research into the rising problem of piracy off Nigeria should be conducted, in order to gain a better understanding of how piracy develops across developing countries.
Udgivelsesdato18 feb. 2020
Antal sider43
Udgivende institutionInstitut for Strategi


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