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Tillidsvækkende ledelse: Om tillid i arbejdet med erfarne medarbejdere

Studenteropgave: Diplomprojekt

  • Jens Kristian Hugger Larsen
Afgangsprojekt, Den militære diplomuddannelse (Diplomuddannelse)
This thesis gives an understanding of how trust between leaders and experienced employees can be developed in the Danish Artillery Regiment. Leaders often meet employees which have been in service for a longer period than leaders, and therefore obtain more experience. Subsequently leaders need to gain trust in order to solve the tasks through cooperation.
The focus of the thesis is on the experienced employees, from a leader’s perspective. Trust is something you gain as a leader, and it is interesting to investigate how experienced employees gain trust with leaders. In order to procure this understanding, the thesis is based on six qualitative interviews and two theoretical perspectives. The theoretical perspectives compromise Thygesen’s three dimensions of building trust (3-D model) and Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligence. The analysis shows that professionalism, social skills and time are important in order to build trust. Lastly, the thesis concludes the findings of the analysis and gives concrete advice for military leaders to build trust working with experienced employees.
Udgivelsesdato8 nov. 2018
Antal sider71
Udgivende institutionHærens Officersskole
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