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Militarization and constabularization: Relations between armed forces and police

Activity: Talk or presentationLecture and oral contribution

Rasmus Dahlberg - Speaker

The aim of this paper is to present our thoughts for a chapter on relations between armed forces and police currently under development for the Handbook of Military Science, ed. Anders Sookermany. We intend to provide a brief historical overview of the period 1500-2000 covering developments in key concepts such as constabulary vs. military tasks, gendarmerie, legislation issues, cultural traditions and public perceptions of the relations between armed forces and police forces in the US, UK, France, Norway and Denmark. Then we introduce the concept of “Sectoral convergence” by discussing the developments towards militarization of police forces and constabularization of military forces in Denmark and Norway since apprx. 2000.
We discuss the (ontological) nature of the threats and challenges and arguments for closer collaboration – objective/factual (according to most writers) or construed (according to critical scholars). We also ask whether convergence and collaboration is good, bad, or normal or an aberration when seen from a military institutional and organizational perspective (Huntington vs. Janowitz). Finally, we discuss the practical, organizational and legal implications of sectoral convergence as well as the military perspective vs. the civil rights/civilian perspective.
18 Jun 2019

Event (Conference)

Title15th Biennial ERGOMAS Conference
Degree of recognitionInternational event
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