Danish Defence Research Database


Dorthe Bach Nyemann



Building: Ryvangs alle 1, Byg. 32

2100 København Ø


Hærens Officersskole, Roskildevej 28A

2000 Frederiksberg


    Research and development areas

  • Cyber Warfare
  • International law
  • Hybrid Warfare
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Officer Training

Research and teaching information

Coordinator for three service braches's diploma-educations within the educational field of strategy. Course responsible for diploma-education in the Army. Participates in international cooperation for hybrid warfare. Member for the Royal Danish Defence College's pedagogical development group. Participates in an international network for Schools of Officers that teaches the strategic meaning of how to educate officers for policy strategies thinking. I research in the cyber area's meaning for strategy and legislation. 

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