Danish Defence Research Database


Henrik Laugesen


Ryvangs alle´1

Building: 40

2100 København Ø


Phone: 0045 41324873Mobile: 0045 41324873

    Research and development areas

  • Danish defence- and security policy - capacity building, Stabilization, Security sector reform
  • Africa - Mali, Kenya, East Africa, Darfur, South Sudan
  • Military sociology - Soldiers rights, Civil military relations
  • Military Strategy - Clausewitz
  • Veterans - Soldiers rights, Capacity building, security sector reform


Primarily, my research revolves around a sociological approach to the relation between the military as an institution and the society in which it is situated, known as the civil-military relations (CMR). Geographically I concentrate on Africa. In that perspective so far, I have written about military in politics in Kenya, foreign military assistance and democracy in Kenya, stabilization operations in Mali and soldiers rights inside the barracks in Mali. 

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