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Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism: Sharing Experiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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The era succeeding declaration of a Global War on Terror by US and its allies saw the Central & SouthAsian region in great instability and turmoil due to increase in militant and insurgent activities. Consequently, all the regional actors had to evolve new strategies to deal with uprisings, unrest and instability. An elusive and unpredictable enemy, difficult geographical terrain, politico-diplomatic upheavals and public resentment over Governments’ decisions to engage in asymmetric warfare, haunted the states with prospects of an everlasting military engagement at home or aboard. In the wake of this era the experiences thus gained by different countries in dealing with asymmetrical warfare, there is a need to assess and analyze these experiences with a view to developing best-practice for future engagements. Sharing experiences by Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Denmark based on lessons learned in COIN and Counter Militancy strategies and operations will add richness to this field of research and support the development of best practices. For this purpose RDDC (Denmark) and NDU (Pakistan) are organizing a two-day International Conference on ‘COIN and Counter-militancy: Sharing Experiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan’ on 19-20 October 2015 at National Defence University, Islamabad.PoC NDU: Mahroona Hussain Syed: ramahroona@ndu.edu.pkPoC RDDC: David Vestenskov: de-un03@fak.dkOutput: The joint research project will have 2 main outputs:
(1) Book published prior to the conference and launched at the conference. This is a joint publication authored by analyst Mahroona Syed (NDU), analyst/major Thomas Galasz Nielsen (RDDC) and analyst David Vestenskov (RDDC)
(2) Joint conference report printed at NDU after the conference including key findings and policy/military recommendations.

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  • Afghanistan, Pakistan, COIN, Counterterrorism, Regional security, Lessons learned, Central Asia


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