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Global Strategic Studies: rethinking the scholarship of strategic practice

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In 2017 Isabelle Duyvesteyn and James Worrall published a manifesto calling for a reinvigorated debate about Global Strategic Studies that would do more justice to the variety of actors, perspectives and practices observable in the enterprise of strategy in our contemporary globalised world. This is our contribution to that mission. By studying strategic practice(s), we seek to make strategic studies more relevant to practitioners and practice more relevant to strategic scholarship. Leaving behind the narrow confines of the rational actor model in global strategic studies, our research aim is to go beyond a mere process-tracing of political ideas into strategy, and instead, think of strategic practice as its own form of knowledge game where different types of actors contribute different types of ‘strategic sense’ and solutions to ongoing problems. With the Armed Forces as our focal point, we study soldiers’ strategic practice hoping to do better justice to the variety of knowledge forms and resultant strategic practices that develop organically within this professionalised setting. From this open conceptual approach to the question of strategy, we engage in a broader debate about the future and promise of strategic studies for a new generation of scholars and practitioners alike.
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