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Militærhistorisk analyse af operationer og slag – læring af operative eksempler

Project: Types of projects

  • Poulsen, Niels Bo (Project Manager, academic)
  • Trautner, Jeppe Plenge (Project participant)
  • Clemmesen, Michael Hesselholt (Project Manager, organisational)
  • Rasmussen, Allan Slott (Project participant)
  • Bartels, Knud (Project participant)
  • Brink Rasmussen, Jakob (Project participant)
  • Andersen, Steen Bornholdt (Project participant)
  • Nicolai Stahlfest Møller (Project participant)
  • Svenningsen, Stig, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Høiback, Harald, Norway (Project participant)
  • Hiio, Toomas, Finland (Project participant)
  • Åselius, Gunnar, Sweden (Project participant)
  • Bundgård Christensen, Claus, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Iversen, Rune, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Wiberg-Jørgensen, Finn, Denmark (Project participant)
  • V. Poulsen, Anders, Denmark (Project participant)

    Research and development areas

  • Military History, Military Operations, Scientific Method, Case study


Research outputs

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