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Strategic Impact from Special Operations Forces

Project: Types of projects

This research project aims to contribute to a broader knowledge base by exploring opportunities and limitations in terms of developing, leading, and deploying special operations forces (SOF) for strategic impact.
Via a number of self contained, yet tematically related subprojects carried out in collaboration with the Danish Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the project explores aspects of the question of how to lead, organize, and employ SOF to tackle current security threats against Western democracies.

Subprojects are:
- Leading and organizing SOCOMs: Learning from resilient organizations?
- Innovation in SOCOMs/SOF
- Policymakers’ perceptions of how to use SOF
- What is SO’s unique strategic potential?

    Research and development areas

  • Special Operations, Special Forces, Innovation, Strategy, Civil-Military Relations, Command, Security

Research outputs




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