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C2 Agility

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  • Dr. William Mitchell
  • David S. Alberts
  • Francois Bernier
  • Phillip S. E. Farrell
  • Paul Pearce
  • Micheline Belanger
  • Reiner Huber
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone
  • Agatino Mursia
  • Mink Spaans
  • Kevin Chan
  • Michael Henshaw
Agility is the capability to successfully effect, cope with, and/or exploit changes in circumstances. While other
factors will also influence outcomes, C2 Agility enables entities to effectively and efficiently employ the
resources they have in a timely manner in a variety of missions and circumstances. SAS-085 was formed to
improve the understanding of C2 Agility and assess its importance to NATO. SAS-085 accomplished these
objectives by articulating the principles of C2 Agility, in the form of a C2 Agility Conceptual Model, substantially
validating this model and establishing the importance of improving C2 Agility with empirical evidence obtained
from a set of retrospective case studies and simulation-based experiments. Further, it identified next steps
toward practical implementation in NATO operations and priorities for increasing the rigor and practicality of
methods for measuring and improving C2 Agility.
The 21st century military mission space is large and complex, characterized by extreme uncertainty, and
exposed to increased public and media scrutiny. In addition to the high intensity combat operations
traditionally associated with the military, potential missions include a wide spectrum of challenges such as
counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, stabilization, reconstruction, and support to multi-agency disaster
relief. These missions are referred to as complex endeavors and require the participation and contributions of
a large variety of both military and non-military actors.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationParis
PublisherNATO Research & Technology Organisation
Edition Public Pre-Release
Number of pages228
ISBN (Electronic)978-92-837-0206-1
Publication statusPublished - 6 Jan 2014

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  • Battlespace agility, Intelligence, Dr. William Mitchell, Royal Danish Defence College, RDDC, C2 Agility, FAK, Forsvarsakademiet, Helmand, Warfighting





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