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The African Union: A Common Security Structure in the Making?

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The African Union (AU) is a young international organisation, founded in
2002, which is still in the process of setting up its various institutions,
while constantly having to face up to new challenges, such as civil wars
breaking out and military coups being undertaken in its member states.
Moreover, the ‘African Security Architecture’, of which it is the central component,
also includes sub-regional organisations to which responsibility is
to be devolved for dealing with armed confl ict and other matters. These
so-called Regional Economic Communities (RECs) are, likewise, constantly
changing, just as they have very different strengths. Hence, any account
of the AU and the RECs can only provide a ‘snapshot’ of the organisation
at any given time, one which may soon become outdated.
In contrast with regional and sub-regional organisations in the North,
those in Africa are facing an additional challenge: how to match the urgent
need for strong organisations to deal with some of the world’s most
protracted and destructive confl icts with a desperate shortage of resources.
Access to external funding from other international organisations,
such as the EU, the World Bank, various UN agencies or individual donor
countries, thus to a large extent determines whether initiatives will actually
be implemented and whether institutions will actually be established
or remain empty shells.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Organisations : Their Role in Conflict Management
EditorsPeter Dahl Thruelsen
PublisherForsvarsakademiets Forlag
Publication dateOct 2009
ISBN (Print)9788791421839
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2009

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  • African Security architecture, African Union, regional organisation, Regional Security, military capacity building, conflict management
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