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Artilleriet under forandring : Meningsskabelse ved halvbatteriet

Student thesis: Diploma Thesis

  • Davor Pejic
Afgangsprojekt, (Diploma)
The 1. Artillery Battery is undergoing a huge change; from the way it is structured on an organizational level, to the way it is used on the battlefield. The hypothesis of the study is, that too much, change affects the soldiers desire to stay. Therefore, the aim is to examine the leadership needed through these changes.
By using qualitative interviews with 3 soldiers from the unit, the study investigates which parts of the organization is changing. This is done using Leavitt-Ry’s model of change. The study then uses Weick’s theory of sensemaking, to establishes which of these changes are affecting the soldiers view on change negatively.
The analysis showed that there are problems with planning, reorganizing the artillerycrews and equipment-management. Furthermore, external pressure are disturbing all areas of the change-process. All of this is affecting how the soldiers perceive the change, and in turn their desire to stay.
The conclusion of the study is, that a soldier’s perception of a certain subject, like change, is hard to influence directly as a leader. However indirectly, the leader can eliminate the negative factors which affects the soldier’s opinion: The planning has to be more flexible, in order to better fit the unit’s situation. The equipment management has to be optimized by allocating dedicated physical areas to each unit. And the artillery crews should not be split up, but remain in the unit.
Therefore, by solving these issues, the leader is contributing to a better and more desirable place to work.
Publication date10 Oct 2019
Number of pages70
Publishing institutionHærens Officersskole
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