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At skabe det anderledes og uventede: Innovation i rammen af specialoperationer

Student thesis: Master programme paper

  • John Søgaard Kristensen
Afgangsprojekt, (Master)
This thesis combines employee driven and cooperation driven innovation theory.
In order to improve the Danish Special Operations Air Task Group’s ability to create and deliver the alternative and unexpected, that will surprise the enemy and create a positive effect in conjunction with dedicated special operations capacities. This is done by improving the ability to conduct problem identification, problem framing, create ideas and solutions during the planning process.
Theoretically the thesis is based on Eva Sørensen og Jacob Torfing’s theories on cooperation driven innovation in the public sector and Lotte Darsø’s theories on innovation in the making. The focus is on the initial conditions, the preject phase, and innovation crystallization.
The empirical data is collected methodically through qualitative interviews and supplemented with the Danish SOATG handbook.The main conclusion in thisthesis points out a number of drivers and barriers that management could strengthen or weaken in order to enhance the ability to innovation. Here follows some of the primary suggestions for improvement: invite other than military personnel into the planning process, develop a strategy for innovation, enhance the planning groups ability to act as teams, increase employee understanding of divergent thinking, and educate on how to achieve innovative crystallization.
Publication date1 Jul 2016
Number of pages57
Publishing institutionForsvarsakademiet
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