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En innovativ tilgang til udvikling af Brigade 32

Student thesis: Master programme paper

  • Peter Houby Søndergaard
Afgangsprojekt, (Master)
This thesis seeks to find which terms and conditions for innovation the new Development and Planning Staff can use in the development of a Heavy Infantry Brigade in 2032. The thesis finds these terms and conditions by analyzing the Danish Army Staff development of the Medium Infantry Brigade Concept in 2017 and the description of the Development and Planning Staff as described in the Danish Defence Budget Analysis from 2017.
The thesis uses Lotte Darsøs models for innovation – the preject and the theoretical frameworks and Sørensen and Torfing’s analysis model – the initial conditions - as the theoretical foundation for the analysis.
The analysis is divided into three parts. The first part is an analysis of the Army Staff’s development of the Medium Infantry Brigade Concept using Lotte Darsø’s theoretical frameworks with the purpose of finding experiences that promote or inhibit the ability to reach innovative solutions. The second part is an analysis of the mission and organization of the Development and Planning Staff, as described in the budget analysis, with Sørensen and Torfing’s initial conditions in order to find elements that promote or inhibit the ability to reach innovative solutions. The last part of the analysis is a discussion of the conclusions from the first two parts of the analysis. The conclusions are related to Hemmersam and Præstbro’s article “7 bud på offentlig innovationsledelse”.
The thesis concludes that the Development and Planning Staff and the leadership of the Army ought to define the settings and end state for the Heavy Infantry Brigade and then through open discussions define a preliminary problem-framing for the brigade. The working group, established to develop the Heavy Infantry Brigade Concept should be as heterogenic as possible, and therefore include personnel from across the Army and other departments. The Development and Planning Staff should put the possibilities from its stated mission and organization to full use when assembling the working group in order to secure full cooperation and participation from across the Danish Defence Organization. The appointed leader should be selected based on his ability to lead through indirect methods and using innovation processes. The working group should receive training in creative processes, as the Army officers’ traditional training does not include this. The development work should be initiated early, in order to secure the Defence Minister a good military solution for the next defence agreement.
Publication date2019
Number of pages50
Publishing institutionForsvarsakademiet
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