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Når der er forskellige køn, hæver det niveauet

Student thesis: Diploma Thesis

  • Brian Jacobsen
Afgangsprojekt, (Diploma)
Considering this the problem formulation for this project is as following:
- How can the common accommodation of the sexes contribute to a better cooperation and integration of women in the army?
This project uses Etienne Wenger and Pierre Bourdieu to uncover the ways the conscripts interact and how the common accommodation effects the way they interact and change their view on the opposite sex. Findings shows that the habitus of the conscripts change when men and women are forced to live together and their way of thinking about the other sex changes to a mind-set of colleagues where their self-image is first and foremost as colleagues, second as men and women.
Herzbergs two-factor theory is used to analyse the conscript’s motivation and what effect the common accommodation has in regard to both sexes motivation. Findings shows that the conscripts are motivated by recognition from the opposite sex and supervisors. The praise or critique from supervisors and colleagues motivates the conscripts to perform even better. Furthermore, the analysis showed that if the recognition also included a prize to show the colleagues the motivation was greater. All this combined shows how the accommodation of men and women together forces integration and cooperation of women in the army.
The analysis also uncovered how the women’s situation in regard to their contract is used as an excuse for the men to insinuate that the women can stop whenever they want and the men have to stay and complete their period of service.
Further work of this subject could be the study of how the women’s contract and the way men addresses this, effects the women motivation for their service in the army. Another subject could be an analysis of how common accommodation effects the group development.
Publication date3 Nov 2017
Number of pages62
Publishing institutionHærens Officersskole
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