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Rusland og det Arktiske samarbejde: Kan det regionale arktiske samfund rumme den russiske stormagt?

Student thesis: Master programme paper

  • Nils Westergaard
Afgangsprojekt, (Master)
The analytical foundation for this paper, is based on the complex dichotomy between cooperation and conflict, which is seen to be present in Russia's Arctic policy. Based on this contradiction, the thesis will examine Russia's strategic behavior in an arctic context.
The theory of the English school is used to analyze the behavior of the Russian actor in the regional Arctic community.
Our analysis based on the explanatory variables show that they address both cooperation and conflict. Even though the preservation of the state is vital for Russia, the analysis shows that the discourse about cooperation is prevailing, but also that both discourses can occupy dominant roles. It appears to be related to the context present, which indicates that Russia has the opportunity to opportunistically exploit whatever looks best for the state.
Analysis of the Russian policy in the Arctic region, shows that there remains an main focus on maintaining the country's status as a great power. At the same
time the liberal values of cooperation are predominant, which is based on Russia's awareness that this discourse is a prerequisite for the country's development.
The conclusion shows that tension is present in the Arctic community, and that it has the potential to challenge the present cooperation. In particular, increased military presence, isolation of the Russian state and lack of coherence between discourse about cooperation and conflict, could trigger the tension.
Publication date2019
Number of pages56
Publishing institutionForsvarsakademiet
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