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Teknologi og doktrin: Javelin-systemet og det mekaniserede infanterikompagni

Student thesis: Diploma Thesis

  • Emil Westh Koefoed
Afgangsprojekt, (Diploma)
This study investigates the implications of an anti-tank guided missile, such as the Javelinsystem, could have for the mechanized infantry company doctrine in defensive operations. The purpose is to understand the possible influence and options this new technology may have for the various factors in defence considerations and tasks, and whether additions or changes could or should be made.
The first part of the study examines the opportunities the US doctrine for the anti-tank guided missile, the Javelin-system, gives the mechanized infantry company, and how the Javelin-system could theoretically be used in defensive operations. The second part of the study investigates how a group of company commanders and Army tactical teachers will employ and use the Javelin-system in the various factors of defence considerations, and how they see the effects of the technology on these. The study finds that the significance of technology for the doctrine is different depending on which one is being analysed. For battle position, the Javelin-system means that the doctrinal size could be changed. That could, however, be a problem with the current organization. For the other various factors of defence considerations, the Javelin-system gives the mechanized infantry company some new options to accomplish defensive operations, and thereby a new way of transforming doctrine into tactical solutions.
The main conclusion is that for battle position, the doctrinal size should be changed to ensure that the possibilities of technology are fully utilized and that the Officer in the planning process gives the mechanized infantry company the possibility of employing the Javelin-system in the most appropriate way. For the other factors, the new options and possibilities for translating doctrine into tactical solutions should be added to the current doctrine to ensure the Javelin-system’s potential is brought into play.
Publication date8 Nov 2018
Number of pages137
Publishing institutionHærens Officersskole
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